A Plural System

Welcome to our corner of the internet! Our host created this so we could have our descriptions separate from his website, resulting in less clutter and an easier time for making changes.

We all share a social media page on Mastodon, so if you'd like to see our thoughts, go check that out! Almost all of us use it!

Click the buttons below to see more about each member of our system. "Twig" leads to his website, so we suggest reading that last, unless you found this through his website.


Vur'Lune is the oldest headmate, having been around for about 6 or 7 years, although he was unknowingly suppressed by Twig for most of those. He acts as a source of emotional support for Twig, letting him vent and stay with him when he's not fronting.

He has also taken the form of a Felsylian character, just like Selene did. He's somewhat similar to his character counterpart, but is still very separate in terms of his memory and personality. Don't expect to see him much, if at all. He'll at most say he's fronting and then stop there.


Selene is the most social out of our system. She's talkative, kind, and usually quite happy to help just about anyone! She's taken the form of a Felsylian character of the same name, but her personality is not the same as that character. She's a very curious soul, always asking questions when she can, wanting to learn more about herself and the world around her.

She's the one that most often fronts if Twig needs to take a break or isn't stable enough to continue fronting. Usually she tries her best to keep him calm while he is fronting, but sometimes it's too much and she has to take control for him.


Jyoi is a very nervous headmate, taking the form of a Brac'Drieyl. They don't have any memory of the character they're a fictive of, so they hardly know much of anything for now. They do enjoy talking with others, it just takes them a little time to get used to new people and open up to them. They don't front often, but will if there's nobody else to do so.


Leif is the youngest in our system. He's a somewhat shy magic user, a wizard, some would call it. He doesn't front too often, but is willing to do so if he needs something done, or if he needs information from someone.


Omega is just about as old as Vur'Lune, if not older. He's the persecutor of our system, or at least the only one that has a name and face. None of us like him all that much, he's aggressive, rude, and overall not pleasant to listen to, with a voice sounding like nails on a chalkboard.

We try our best to not let him front, and keep him distracted with other things instead. If he ever does front, please forgive us for his behavior. None of us want him to offend anyone, but if he does, we will apologize wholeheartedly.


A fictive of SCP-049, it acts as a sort of protector of the system. It hasn't told us much about itself, but it does know it has no age or gender, and isn't human. It's usually friendly, although it is quite blunt when speaking with others.